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We are civil society leaders advocating internationally for everything Ukraine needs to win the war with russia
For us, Ukrainian victory implies:
A year ago, Ukrainian civil society leaders Daria Kaleniuk Hanna Hopko Olena Halushka Aivazovska Olga established the ICUV together with Katarzyna Pisarska Fundacja im. Kazimierza Pułaskiego. We are grateful to all our colleagues and partners with whom we fought side by side for victory throughout the year. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but we are sure that we will win together!
To achieve Ukrainian victory ASAP, provide Ukraine with F16 fighter jets and long-range missiles now so that Ukraine can win the war to prevent the spread of russian aggression; recognize russia as a terrorist state, since it is one; strengthen sanctions against ROSATOM because russia’s missiles attack energy infrastructure and threaten the entire world with nuclear catastrophe; initiate the seizure of russian assets to the Ukrainian budget so that we can continue to defeat the aggressor.
We had been forming our nation, until one morning russia started the biggest war since WW2 in the middle of Europe. War against us, our lives, our . When the world finally saw us as one. We were given a few days, but together we stood strong and fought united. We proved we are capable. We defend the world of honesty, cooperation, and empathy. We will win. Ukraine will win. Join our fight!
Through comprehensive research, face-to-face meetings with politicians, activists, and influential people; public events, press conferences, demonstra- tions, and other advocacy tools; working as an international advocacy umbrella for many national Ukrainian organizations and elaborating systematic solutions to current problems and future development of Ukraine, we aim to support our country on its way to victory in war with Russia and preparing the post -victory reform and reconstruction agenda.
Our priority is to get Ukraine supplied with enough NATO-standard weapons to win over the aggressor state, save lives of innocent citizens and Ukrainian critical infrastructure. We work persistently to raise awareness about the condition of the Ukrainian energy sector and collaborate with various partners to rebuild critical infrastructure and renew energy supply.

Our board members

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Hanna Hopko
Chairwoman of the National Interests Advocacy Network "ANTS"
In 2014-2019, Chair of the FA Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament (first as a representative of Self-Reliance party, then as an independent MP). In 2014, Foreign Policy magazine named Hanna a "leading global thinker." The same year, she received the "Certificate of Merit" from Georgetown University's Leadership Seminar and was honoured with the National Democratic Institute Democracy Award for promoting democracy in Ukraine. In 2019, she spoke at the Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association forum and the Ukraine Reform Conference in Toronto. Hanna is part of the Leader Youth Network at the World Economic Forum and Munich Security Conference. She's a Member of the International Advisory Council of the Warsaw Security Forum.
Olena Halushka
Board member at the Anticorruption Action Centre | AntAC
Olena is a board member of the Ukrainian NGO “Anti-corruption Action Center”. Earlier, she worked as a chief of international advocacy at the post-Maydan coalition of 80 CSOs “Reanimation Package of Reforms” (2015-2017). She advised to the Member of Parliament of Ukraine (2012-2014). Olena has experience in local-level politics as she served as the Kyiv City Council member, and deputy chair of the Council’s Commission on Housing and Energy (2014-2015). Olena is a contributor to the Atlantic Council and KyivPost. She also wrote op-eds for the Washington Post, the Foreign Policy, and the EU Observer. Olena Halushka obtained PhD in International Economics from the Kyiv National University in 2016.
Daria Kaleniuk
Executive director of the Anticorruption Action Centre | AntAC
Daria has founded critical resources to track money laundering and corruption internationally. Member of international networks of Young Global Leaders (WEF) and Munich Young Leaders (MSC); she is in the list of the top 100 most successful women of Ukraine according to Novoye Vremya magazine. Master of Financial Services Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Fulbright Graduate Student Exchange Program in 2010-2011. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine established together with other Ukrainian activists the International Center for Ukrainian Victory in cooperation with the Casimir Pulaski Foundation. The ICUV advocates for Ukrainian interests internationally and supports civil society actions for Ukraine's victory.
Olga Aivazovska
Head of the Board of the Civil Network OPORA NGO
Ms. Aivazovska was a director of national, non-partisan observation missions in Ukraine with over 25,000 activists involved from 2010 to 2020 and participated in electoral observation in more than ten countries of Europe. Represented Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group (Ukraine-Russia-OSCE), settling the conflict in Eastern Ukraine (2016-2018), and the Head of the Board of GNDEM. Was included in the top 100 most influential and most successful women of Ukraine in 2014-2021 (according to political editions of the Focus magazine and the Novoe Vremia). Olga often participates in political TV programs and publishes articles and information materials on electoral legislation reform and the advancement of democracy. Olga Aivazovska is an alumnus of the Draper Hills Summer Fellowship on Democracy and Development Program at Stanford and the Ukrainian school of political studies.

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