Ukrainian civil society organizations call on Western decision-makers to unite in defeating russian threats to the civilized world.

Today, February 10, russia again cynically bombarded peaceful Ukrainian cities with 71 missiles. Unfortunately, today’s shelling, which has become a routine event for Ukrainians, is different from all the others. Two russian cruise missiles have entered the airspace of Moldova and Romania in the latest attack by Moscow on targets across the country. Gen Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, said the Kalibr rockets crossed into Moldova at 10.18 am local time on Friday. They then flew into Romania at 10.33am at the intersection of the state border, before recrossing into western Ukraine.
russia has shown that not only Ukraine is threatened, but the entire civilized world. The terrorist state will stop at nothing and continue to terrorize peaceful cities and countries. Moscow is committing genocide in Ukraine, endangering civilians in NATO countries, and blackmailing all of Europe with nuclear weapons.

We call on the member states of NATO to jointly give a clear response to russia that terrorism and blackmail will not go unpunished. As representatives of civil society, we urge you to achieve Ukrainian victory as soon as possible:

  • provide Ukraine with F16 fighter jets and long-range missiles now so that Ukraine can win the war to prevent the spread of russian aggression;
  • recognize russia as a terrorist state, since it is one;
  • strengthen sanctions against ROSATOM because Russian’s missiles attack energy infrastructure and threaten the entire world with nuclear catastrophe;
  • initiate the seizure of Russian assets in the Ukrainian budget so that we can continue to defeat the aggressor.

We will win together!

International Centre for Ukrainian Victory
Anti-corruption Action Centre
Civil Network OPORA
National Interests Advocacy Network “ANTS”

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