On February 24, in Warsaw (Poland) thousands of Ukrainians and Poles took to the streets to mark the anniversary of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This is how civic activists and supporters of Ukraine honored a year of battle, bravery, and unity. 

A mass rally took place near the russian Embassy in Warsaw. Thousands of participants paid tribute to the memory of the victims of russian aggression and expressed gratitude to Poland for its support of Ukraine. People were holding Ukrainian and Polish flags and anti-russian posters.

“The russians thought they could conquer Ukraine in three days, but a year has passed. Ukraine was, Ukraine is, Ukraine will be thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thanks to the courage of the Ukrainian people and the help of our friends”.

— organizer, СЕО “Euromaidan Warsaw” Natalka Panchenko said.

After the demonstration, a column of protesters marched to the Polish parliament to thank Polish lawmakers and government officials for their support.

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