With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russian army on the territory of Ukraine, the agrarian sector of the economy suffered significant losses, among which the reduction of cultivated areas is especially noticeable.

We present a policy report on the impact of the russian invasion on the agricultural sector in Ukraine. And how it affects the food security of the world.

Table of contents:

Section 1. Results and challenges of harvesting season 2022. How big is a storage crisis?

Section 2. Six months into “land corridors” for Ukrainian agro production, does they work?

Section 3. Results and challenges of “grain deal”. Does sea shipment actually resumed? In what volume?

Section 4. Will traders actually want to buy Ukraine’s grain and other production? (Concerns with insurance, timing of delivery, quality of grain, etc)

Section 5. Challenges for farmers and agricultural producers for planting season 2022–2023. What should be done to mitigate concerns and risks? Incentives for farmers to actually plant?

You can view the full text of the report in the attached file.

The report was developed by Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” (UCAB):

Roman Slaston – General Director (expert assessment)

Svitlana Lytvyn – Analyst of agricultural markets (data analysis and the preparation of the report)

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