Our co-founders Hanna Hopko and Olena Halushka with partners New Europe Center had a two-day advocacy visit to France to promote Ukrainian interests and needs in order to win this war.

First up, the Ukrainian delegation met experts and members of the French Parliament.  During closed meetings with Laurence Boone, France’s Secretary of State for European Affairs, and Benjamin Haddad, President of the France-Ukraine Friendship, we discussed prospects for Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the EU and further steps on how France can help Ukraine to win this war.  

Then we visited the II Ukraine-France Forum. It was organized by IFRI and the New Europe Center, in partnership with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, the Office of the Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine.

Hanna Hopko participated in the panel discussion “Ukrainians at War: Resilience and Transformation of Society”, where participants shared their views on security issues, finding a way to recover Ukraine, successes in reforming, and plans for the reintegration of the occupied territories.

“The war will not end by Putin’s decision. Because Putin does not want peace, he is preparing to expand the scope of the war. The war will end when Ukraine gets fighter jets. The end of the war depends on how much the West wants Ukraine to win.”

– said Hanna.

Olena Halushka took part in the discussion “Reconstruction, Reforms, and European Prospects of Ukraine: Through War to Peace”, where the prospects and opportunities for rebuilding Ukraine were talked about.

“The best tool and security guarantee for Ukraine’s reconstruction to take place at all is our victory. This should not be forgotten, because the check for reconstruction will depend on the level of destruction that Russia brings to Ukraine”.

—  Olena summarized.

During the entire visit, we emphasized the need to immediately increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine, because this is the only way to stop russia. 

We thank our French colleagues for the invitation, and for the support of Ukrainian Victory!

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